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  • Luxury Home Cineplex (Private Theatres)

Lush Home Cineplexes create the theatre environment at home. It’s a range of products that mimic a theatre in every aspect. The design replicates the screen, interiors, sound-proofing, air-conditioning, and seatings of a Cineplex.

Apart from watching movies, one can watch regular TV shows, cricket matches or play games in the theatres.

With the designs Lush offers, one can simply turn living rooms into a Lush Home Cineplex.

The theatres come fitted with Blu-ray discs and Paradigm Cinema Series speakers.

The home Cineplex range comes in three categories.

  • Lush L3 

L3 is an entry level private theatre. It can fit into a space of 10 x 12 feet.

  • Lush L5

L5 fits into 14 x 20 feet space. Being bigger and wider the experience gets better and closer to the real Cineplex experience.

  • Lush L7

L7 is designed for a space of 18 x 40 feet. The experience is life-like because of the size and the full-play that’s allowed to accessories.

  • Lush Digital 100

It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs in small towns. With Lush Digital 100, anyone can own a mini theatre. A theatre can be hooked up through regular satellite distribution networks for latest movie releases. Movies can be played on Blu-ray discs or DVD players as well.